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BREAKING NEWSAKC Round 5 has been postponed due to COVID and the Race of Stars has been cancelled due to venue track closure! This means that the Qld State Cup will now be our Major Event for 2021, so please get on board and support me for my birthday week-end!


Named after the Formula 1 World Champion, maybe I was always destined to be in motorsport. My racing started in hire karts in 2017, ending up 2nd in Australia for the SODI World Series. After two years of continuous podium finishes, it was time for a new challenge and we bought our very first kart – an Arrow X2 that came with an x30 engine (we actually bought it home on the roof rack of our car!). We later discovered that the kart had been owned by Adam Mercer (National Champion), so the chassis certainly had some good heritage.  

We are now in our second year of racing, upgraded to an Arrow X4 chassis, bought a Rotax, sold the Rotax and bought another x30… during this time we’ve worked hard to go from the back of the grid to the front and even getting our first podium!! As a small family team with a limited budget, we are immensely proud of our achievements to date – my Dad is Chief Mechanic, Photographer and everything in-between, Mum basically funds my addiction and my brother is junior mechanic and number 1 supporter!  

In 2018 he underwent Open Heart Surgery due to a congenital heart defect he’s had since birth. You’ll notice my support for the HeartKids Charity on both my race suit and kart livery. I try and raise awareness of the charity wherever I can and hopefully this small gesture goes some way to raising awareness of congenital heart disease and the awesome work the HeartKids Charity does. 

For more information on HeartKids visit  

Finally, I can’t thank those enough who have supported and sponsored me over the last couple of years and look forward to welcoming new sponsors on board as we grow and achieve all our goals. We might be a small team, but we have passion by the bucket load! Remember – We work together, we win together and we lose together!

Jacques Goodman
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Jacques Goodman Racing #16


Our goal for 2020 was simple, to get a podium… and we achieved it! Through all the challenges we faced with Covid, limited racing, limited budget and starting from the back of the grid at the beginning of the 2020, to get a podium in our last race of the season is an incredible achievement – a great TEAM effort!

So our goal for 2021… it was to achieve a ‘B’ Grade license and move up to TaG 125 Light, well we’re happy to announce that we’ve already ticked that box and we’re only half way through the season. So our next goal is to prepare for some major events towards the end of the year, the biggest of these will be ‘The Race of Stars’ in November! Prior to that we will continue our club race week-ends and look forward to heading to Newcastle for the last round of the AKC and to Warwick for the State Cup… Watch this space!


Ipswich Kart Club – 31 July – 1 Aug

AKC Newcastle – 27 – 29 Aug 

Ipswich Kart Club – 4 – 5 Sept

Qld State Cup – TBC 

Ipswich Kart Club – 30 Oct

Race of Stars – 25 – 27 Nov

Ipswich Kart Club – 5 Dec

Race of Stars
iame x30 heart of the kart
Preferred Supplier DPE Kart Superstore
Ipswich Kart Club
Xtreme Karting Track - Race of Stars


Single Round Club Meet Sponsorship

It goes without saying, racing is expensive! However, we didn’t get into this sport without fully understanding the financial commitment we had to make. We are a small family team with limited budget that we make go a long, long way. We buy new parts if we essentially need them or find second hand ones if we can make that work to keep costs down. Considering what we have achieved to date, we are incredibly proud of where our budget has taken us!  

But we didn’t do it all by ourselves – that’s why we have some amazing sponsors who help us out! The way we work with our sponsors is by asking them what they can do to assist us with the cost of purchasing parts, lubricants, tyres, fuel etc and therefore they know exactly where their money is going! An average club day race week-end is approx $500 – below is a list of items that we are always on the look out for new sponsors to assist with! 

As with all sponsors, we work with them to see how we can assist them in return and ensure this is a mutually fair arrangement for all parties involved – call us on 0406 086 869 to discuss a full range of options we have available.

Test Day Fee: $25
Race Entry Fee: $80
Race Fuel: $25
Race Oil: $20
Tyres: $275
Lubricants: $25 – $50 (WD-40, Inox, Chain Lube, etc)
Replacement Parts: Average $50 – $150 per race



Tyre Sponsorship - Per Round

We currently run MG Reds for all our competition racing. This is a hard tyre and lasts for about 1 test day and 1 full race day. Therefore we will use 1 set every race week-end at a club round and 2 sets per round at any major event.

Cost Per Club Round: $275 per full set.

Cost Per Major Event: $550

Engine Sponsorship

We currently run the IAME X30 Engine, which needs a top end rebuild after every 5 hours of testing and racing and a full engine rebuild after every 10 hours. Obviously this is a an absolute requirement for us to stay at the pointy end of racing and keeping our engine in the best shape possible. We have spent a long time seeking the best in the business to rebuild our engines and therefore built a strong relationship with a local engine builder who offers us incredible value for money and who we trust with our prized possession.

Rebuilds start from $450 and we are looking for a Sponsor who will help with the cost of maintaining our engine throughout the season. Our sponsor will have their logo/design placed on a special engine and air box sticker kit to advertise their business, which will be seen at the track and through our social media channels.

Qld State Cup Sponsorship - 13th / 14th November

Queensland’s State Cup is the event to take away the Maroon Plate!

We are look at a race week-end sponsorship – Total Cost $2000

This covers:
• Practice/Entry Fee
• x3 Sets of Tyres
• Kart Livery
• Full kart prep and maintenance costs over whole week-end
• Fuel, Oil, Lubricants, etc
• Travel / Accommodation

In return we offer:
• Main area kart livery design with your business/logo 
• Photography over whole week-end showcasing the kart with your business
• Social Media shout outs/videos promoting your business
• Continued promotion of your business after the event.

Trailer Sponsor - Multiple Opportunities

Advertising your business on the side and back of our trailer is the best and most cost effective way to sponsor Jacques Goodman Racing and we guarantee it will get your business that extra exposure you’ve been looking for!

We spend a lot of time on the road – especially on the M1, while travelling from the Gold Coast to Ipswich, Warwick and beyond, plus many hours at the track, that’s a lot of passing traffic! Added bonus we have prime real estate at Ipswich Kart Club as we pit right next to the outgrip, where everyone has to pass!

Adding your logo to our trailer is ONLY $150, with all funds going to supporting our karting endeavours plus we’ll be giving you shout out and promo at every race meet on all our socials!

Call us today on 0406 086 869 or email for more information.

Trailer Sponsors

Newcastle AKC Sponsorship - POSTPONED

• Our debut entry to the AKC in Newcastle!

• We are seeking a Full Round Sponsorship – Total Cost $3000

This covers:
• Practice/Entry Fee
• x2 Sets of Tyres
• Kart livery
• Full kart prep and maintenance costs over whole week-end
• Fuel, Oil, Lubricants, etc
• Travel / Accommodation

In return we offer:
• Full kart livery with your business/logo (Engine kit included if available).
• Photography over whole week-end showcasing the kart with your business
• Social Media shout outs/videos promoting your business
• Continued promotion of your business after the event
• Special piece of memorabilia post race week-end.

GC500 Race of Stars - Major Sponsorship - CANCELLED

The GC500 is the MAJOR EVENT of the year for us and we will be throwing everything we have at this event to bring home the coveted Surf Board!

We are seeking a Full Round Sponsorship – Total Cost $4000 – 5000

This covers:
• Practice/Entry Fee
• x3 Sets of Tyres
• Full kart prep and maintenance costs over whole week-end
• Fuel, Oil, Lubricants, etc
• Race Suit and Kart livery
• Engine maintenace

In return we offer:
• Full race suit livery design with your business/logo
• Full kart livery with your business/logo including engine kit
• Photography over whole week-end showcasing the kart with your business design
• Social Media shout outs/videos promoting your business
• Pre-Event promotion – Driver and Kart display at your place of business
• Your logo and design on our specific panels of our trailer
• Continued promotion for your business after the event
• Everything we produce and display over the weekend can be used for your own personal promotion
• Special piece of memorabilia post race week-end.




JGR Sponsor Logos

On the back of an amazing 2020 season, we are very proud and excited to announce that Modern Wood Creationz will again be with us for the 2021 season! Modern Wood Creationz are a family owned business, based on the Gold Coast specialising in Custom Wall Art, CNC Engraving, Ice Epoxy Resin Products, Power Pigments and timber finishes.

Invisible Business Solutions are Professional Cloud Integrators and an APP Advisory based on the Gold Coast. Specialising in business solutions for Trades, Manufacturing and e-Commerce, Invisible Business Solutions will implement, train and support your business with the following business apps: ServiceM8 (Gold Partner) • Flowlens • Unleashed Software.

We are very excited to be apart of the demon tweeks 2021 Sponsorship Scheme – Jacques Goodman Racing are 1 of only 2000 race drivers (World-wide) to be welcomed into this sponsorship scheme! This is a massive boost for Jacques Goodman Racing and we are very privileged to be associated with such an iconic motorsports brand, celebrating their 50th year.

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we can’t wait to hear from you!


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