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Trak Racer Sim

Racing Goes Virtual!

So we’ve all gone virtual racing for the moment, lets hope it’s not for to long!!!

Luckily, I bought a Sim Racing Rig about 18 months ago, to fill in the void between my transition from hire karting to proper race karting. One of the best decisions I made, given the current situation! Here are the current specifications of my sim:

Rig: Trak Racer

Steering Wheel: Thrustmaster TX Leather Edition
Pedals: Thrustmaster T3PA Pedals
Shifter: Thrustmaster TSS Mod+ Sparco

Most of my sim racing to date has been on the x-box, so the move into iRacing has been another awesome experience and one I’ve very quickly got in – it’s addictive that’s for sure! iRacing provides laser scanned tracks and car making it the closest thing to driving in the cars and tracks without actually being in them! It’s awesome to be able to race your mates while we aren’t able to be at the track in real life!

Like racing you still need to earn your licences through safe and competitive racing! This provides a realistic approach to the racing which is awesome. I believe that it is highly realistic to racing in the real world too, not so much through feeling but through race awareness. To be able to race side by side with other cars is no easy task, so to learn these skills on the sim will definitely help when we go back to real racing!

My favourite cars at the moment are the Indycar, V8 Supercar (Mustang) and the Formula 3. Each car provides a different experience through driving style and racing which creates a good challenge for me as the driver!

Jacques Goodman racing - F3 Brands Hatch iRacing
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